hello, I am Mel, wedded to Garry
we live in Bucks, at Cliveden we did marry
I'm a qualified solicitor, working in movies
we live with two big fluffy loonies
they are Norwegian forest cats
and they purr, chirrup and love loadsa pats
cuddles, brushes and treats
I got out my pens, ink and paper sheets
and doodled them into my sketchbook
it’s become a daily motivational hook
to post my art with a quote to inspire
our daily well-being, of which I won’t tire
we all love my new side-hustle
so it’s super fun to flex that muscle
by drawing each day to create new art
of my cats and yours, fills my heart
with joy and achievement, I want to fulfill
your requests and commissions with my skill
so please get in touch and tell me how
I can bring you more joy here and now

Thank you for your support and feedback